pH Test Strips 

Essential Health can only be realized if the pH of our bodies is in balance.

GreenGold’s unique pH Care Test Strips provide a simple, scientific solution to determining the body’s pH when seeking the slightly alkaline balance necessary for health and wellness.


GreenGold pH Care Test Strips

An often overlooked yet critical essential element in wellness is maintaining the pH of our bodies at or near slightly alkaline, or 7.2, on the pH scale. Above 7 is alkaline and below 7 is acidic. The scale is logarithmic, with 6 being 10x more acidic than 7, five being 10x more acidic than 6 and so on. When you consider a popular cola has a pH of 2.52, making it more than 50,000x more acidic than the pure water that makes up most of our bodies, it becomes obvious the American diet is very acidic and has an effect on our pH balance.


GreenGold Nutrition’s pH unique Test Strips offer a simple, inexpensive and accurate method to monitor pH levels daily. Within seconds you will be able to determine your pH by matching the strip with the corresponding colors on the container. Used in conjunction with our exclusive pH Care Capsules, GreenGold’s pH Test Strips are the ideal way to determine the pH of your body. You simply test your urine on a strip in the evening. If the test is acidic, take one pH Care capsule with a glass of water or cup of tea before retiring. The next morning’s test should be balanced between 6.5 and the ideal 7.2. You can adjust the number of capsules each night until pH balance is achieved.


As you become more familiar with your body and the effects, testing becomes less necessary. pH levels should be tested daily in the morning before breakfast and at night before going to sleep. If your GreenGold Nutrition pH Test Strips consistently indicate a pH level around 7.2 each morning, you can be confident your cells are getting the nutrients and oxygen they need and they won’t have to steal alkaline minerals from other parts of your body. GreenGold Nutrition’s pH Test Strips, an essential tool for Essential Health!








Additional Information


Each box contains 80 wide range test strips (4.5 – 9.0)


Suggested Use:

Test urine or saliva levels in the morning before eating, drinking or brushing your teeth and in the evening

before going to sleep.