pH Care  

Essential health can only be reached if the pH of our bodies is in balance.



GreenGold’s pH Care contains proprietary capsules that provide a simple solution to regaining the slightly alkaline balance necessary for health and wellness.


GreenGold Nutrition's

pH Care  for Men & Women

An often overlooked yet critical essential element in wellness is maintaining the pH of our bodies at or near slightly alkaline, or 7.2, on the pH scale. Above 7 is alkaline and below 7 is acidic. The scale is logarithmic, with 6 being 10x more acidic than 7, five being 10x more acidic than 6 and so on. When you consider a popular cola has a pH of 2.52, making it more than 50,000x more acidic than the pure water that makes up most of our bodies, it becomes obvious the American diet is very acidic and has an effect on our pH balance.


By taking easy to swallow pH Care tablets, you can easily adjust your body’s pH levels safely and quickly by reducing the acidity while increasing alkalinity. Used in conjunction with our pH Test Strips, Green Gold’s unique pH Care tablets are the ideal way to balance the pH of your body.


You simply test your urine on a strip in the evening. If the test is acidic, take one pH Care tablet with a glass of water or cup of tea before retiring. The next morning’s test should be balanced between 6.5 and the ideal 7.2. You can adjust the number of capsules each night until pH balance is achieved. As you become more familiar with your body and the effects, testing becomes less necessary.


Since raising alkalinity relaxes the body, it is best to take before going to sleep. So as not to upset the digestive process, pH Care tablets should be taken at least a couple of hours after or an hour before a meal as it can neutralize the “good” stomach acid needed for digestion if it is taken during or right after a meal or snack.


Balancing your pH is the least expensive and most effective single thing you can do to insure good health. Get your exclusive Green Gold pH Care tablets and get relief from all the problems associated with an acidic body on the road to essential health!





Additional Information



Each tablet contains:

Sodium Bicarbonate - 1250 mg

Sodium (as Sodium Bicarbonate) - 342 mg

60 count


Suggested Use:

After testing urine pH levels, take 1 tablet as needed 2 hours

after a meal or snack or 1 hour before.

Do not take this supplement if pH testing reads 6.8 or higher.