Due to the synergy between the areas, best results are enjoyed when all three, nutrition, hormones and pH are in balance. 

That’s Essential Health.  It’s simple to do! 



Nutrition Balance


Step 1: is to ensure your body is getting all essential elements each day. Green Gold’s All-In-One Formula makes it easy. Simply mix one level scoop of All-In-One in 8-12 ounces of juice or a smoothie. A mini blender or mixer works great if you have one, but a good ol’ fashion spoon will git ‘er done too, you can’t over mix. Our Essential Health Partners tell us cran grape and grape juice (white or red) are top choices. O.J., not so much. The juice is very important, especially with the Original as it has a very earthy flavor that may be a bit strong for some. The juice, especially grape or grape blends, seems to do a good job of making the All-In-One more palatable while increasing the antioxidant value of your daily serving.  We wish we were able to put more iodine in our formulas, making it necessary to “Supplement your supplement.” Adding 2 to 4 drops of Green Gold’s Power Drops (proprietary Lugol's 2% Iodine Solution) to your All-In-One is perfectly safe and ensures you get all the Iodine you need each day without having to eat seaweed!




pH Balance


Step 2: Simple, simple. Begin by testing your urine using a Green Gold test strip in the evening before heading to bed. Compare the colors on the test strip to the chart on the back of the test strip container. Ideally your pH should be slightly alkaline - 7.25 to 7.45.  Any test below 7.25 on the chart indicates your body is acidic. Don’t be shocked if your test results are in the 5.5-6 range, many are and it simply means you need something alkaline to compensate. Take one of Green Gold’s proprietary pH Care capsules and retire for the night. Test again FIRST THING in the morning. You’ll notice the number increased and is more alkaline. If you’re at 7.25 congratulations, you’ve balanced your pH. If you’re test is below 7.25 repeat the test that evening, take two pH Care Capsules before bed and test again in the AM. Continue to add a capsule a day as needed until you are consistently testing between 6.50 and 7.45 each morning. Now you know how much pH Care you need each day to stay in balance and need only test occasionally to confirm you’re in balance.





Hormone Balance


Step 3: “A little dab'll do ya!” Counteracting the effects of all the environmental estrogen men and women are inundated with is the easiest of all. Daily serving of Disora and Disoro is ¼ TSP once daily or half that amount, ⅛ TSP twice daily. For convenience, the pump delivers approximately ¼ TSP per full pump. However, measuring is highly recommended the first several times to insure accurate servings.  Simply rub Green Gold’s exclusive Essential Balance Cream to your face, throat or chest after bathing in the morning and again before heading to bed at night. (Ok, so maybe you bathe at night. You get the idea, don’t wash it off!) We recommend altering the application site each day. Repeat daily, three weeks a month then take a week off, with menstruating women applying on days 12-26 of your cycle. Disoro is for men and Disora is for women. Both are cosmetic creams that contain the bio-identical progesterone many health professionals recommend as an alternative to traditional hormone therapy.

hormone balance women
hormone balance men

 Mr. Dan Sienkiewicz discusses in depth, Green Gold's balance to Essential Health. Nutritional balance is vital for the body to perform at its optimal level. With the proper nutritional balance, ph balance, and hormone balance you can feel better, look better, and perform better every day.   25 minutes